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Fashion Can Be Indigenous

Fashion made history in Australia during the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week as the largest gathering of the indigenous models and designers from all over Australia and New Zealand took the runway for the first time.  The indigenous people are known to be vulnerable to exploitation, marginalization, and oppression by nation states that were formed by the colonizing populations or by political dominant ethnic groups.  But during the fashion week, they made their mark and took control as they graced that catwalk showcasing their power and strength and proved the diversity of Indigenous talent that explores culture through fashion and design. Continue Reading

Fashion That Flatters: Dressing Up For Your Body Type

What’s your fashion style? What kind of clothes do you wear? How do you mix and match? Over time, we develop a personal style that we are most comfortable with. May it be casual, quirky or carelessly stylish; you wear according to your personal preferences. If it’s already been a while since you last tookContinue Reading

Explore More Unique Window Fashions On Your Next Home Renovation

So you’re renovating your new home and you’re particularly fixated on making some change to your window fashion. Well, that’s totally understandable. With a new look for your home on the way you’ll also need new curtains, new blinds, new shades and other necessary window treatments. But this time, it’s not just going to beContinue Reading

Fashionable Fire Fighting Tools Might Just Save The Day

As you know, fire extinguishers are specifically made to protect your home and family from fire. We have long seen the impact that this little tank can do in savings lives in the event of accidental fires. This fire-fighting tool often comes as a plain hand-held red container filled with a material or agent toContinue Reading

Are Your Teeth Fashionable Enough?

Everyone wishes that their set of teeth are as white as is advertised in television commercials, sites like cosmeticdentistaustralia.com.au, as well as in print ads. However, as much as they dream about it, they just could not unless they go through some teeth whitening sessions. The thing is, it is important for people to understandContinue Reading

Fashion Advice: How to Care for Opal Jewelry

When you think of opal jewellery, the first thing that probably comes into your mind is its exquisite and unique beauty. No doubt about it since pieces of jewelry adorned with opal gemstonesare too precious not to be loved. But since opal gems are delicate and sensitive to heat, having knowledge on how to takeContinue Reading

Fashion Guide: How to Add Style to Your Ugg Boots

Upon hearing the word ugg boots, you can only be one of the three kinds of people–those who love them, those who dislike them and those who just have no idea what ugg boots are. Ugg boots actually refer to a style of Australian boots made from sheepskin. A person who loves ugg boots areContinue Reading

Popular and Fashionable Engagement Rings to Love

Looking at someone’s engagement ring initially makes you think and wonder of the love the couple shared from the moment they met to the moment of proposal. It acts as a representation of binding and strengthening of their timeless love through marriage. But admit it, you also can’t help but be in awe and wonderContinue Reading

10 Unique Bed Designs You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

If you ever wanted your bedroom to stand out, then focusing on creating a unique bedroom interior design is what you need to do. But there’s also another way for you to immediately get your room under the limelight. That would be acquiring a one of a kind design of bed that most people probablyContinue Reading

Architecture Can Be Fashionable

Many may not typically notice it, but to some point, architecture and fashion actually have a lot in common. Similar to fashion designers, seasoned architects Sydney professionals begin with an audacious vision that leads to a design or draft followed by the creation, finishing off to the final implementation. The vision plays an important role as theContinue Reading