How To Be Famous On MovieStarPlanet Using Moviestarplanet Hack

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Msp Hack Can Manage Your Personality Also

Games are the best part of a kid. Most of the kids have the best memories with their childhood games. Winning a game and being famous is the most beautiful feel. Digital video games have taken place of those old games but these are also good because winning a digital game also make you famous in your friend circle. MovieStarPlanet is the best simulation game designed for kids. Download it in your Smartphone or visit its official website and play on PC. You can also be famous in this game. You can use the msp hack vip to be famous. Actually, most of the sites own this tool which can make you famous providing you thousand of coins and diamonds. Well, if you don’t want to use these then try tips given below.

Tips Regarding Being Famous By Using Msp Hack

  • Watch movies and then rate them. By this you can earn coins but if you rate a movie honestly. Game designers also have their rating for the same movie you have watched. If your rating match to the rating given by game then you will get 10 starcoins. The reward doesn’t end here. You will earn fame. This is the easiest way for getting fame.
  • If you fed up with watching movies then you can make your own movie and publish that. By getting help with msp vip hack, For a few hundred views you will be getting thousand of star coins. Let’s start from learning interface of movie making setup.
    • Open city screen of MovieStarPlanet game and then click on movies. Here you will see list top movies. Click on create new movie icon.
    • Now you will be taken to movie maker display with a model in left and a school background.
    • The film strip is below and next to it icons for adding your friends and changing the background and much more.
    • First, decide your story and then choose a background according to it.
    • After doing this all its time to click on the model. You will get three options saying add dialog, do animation or any move.
    • Complete the first scene and click on the second box of the filmstrip. Create the second scene and keep doing until your short story doesn’t complete.
    • It’s time to click on done and save. And you can broadcast your movie.
    • If your movie crosses hundred of views. Believe me, you are next famous person of this game.
    • You can interact with people and you can be famous. Talk to new people with kindness and make them your friends. Being nice is not so good nowadays. So keep some attitude but don’t keep too much that it will ruin your image. Go to the chat room and talk with them.

Well, there are many things you can do to have a good image of you. If you have tried for having a good image but you don’t succeed then you can use some web tools like moviestarplanet cheats. Which can make you a VIP member and you will be on the top list of this game.